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The Gnar Company

When Systems Can't Agree on the Truth

You're on an island where knaves lie and only knights tell the truth...

Mark Lodato June 26, 2019

Optimizing Database Performance with Rails and Postgres

Small changes to give your app a boost.

Reese Williams May 14, 2019

PR Review Process

A value-add for clients and source of continued learning for the team.

Mike Stone April 22, 2019

React Component Comparison

Component? PureComponent? FSC? React.memo? Which should I use!?

Mark Lodato April 18, 2019

Retrospectives @ The Gnar

A casual environment for continuous company improvement.

Mike Stone April 08, 2019

Factories, RSpec stubs, database queries, and you

What to do when your user isn't really your user

Andrew Palmer May 10, 2018

How To: Make Your React Native App Work With The iPhone X Screen

One weird trick to get your React Native app to utilize the full screen of the iPhone X

Justin Kenyon March 15, 2018

Using the index as the iterator key in React apps is an antipattern

It's convenient, but can lead to some surprising problems with data that needs to be updated, sorted, filtered, or changed in any way.

Andrew Palmer March 09, 2018